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Ep. 62: Vader Career Retrospective, WWE Extreme Rules Direction

June 21st, 2018

A noteworthy week in pro wrestling for both good and bad reasons. To start things off, the tragic death of Leon "Vader" White has saddened the wrestling community. We spend the first half of the show reliving some of the highs of his career while also discussing the lows. We're at our best sometimes when we get nostalgic, and we think this Vader career retrospective will give you a good sense of why the man was the greatest super heavyweight in wrestling history.

On the good side of the coin, WWE NXT is on fire and there are a lot of question marks (and intrigue) heading into WWE Extreme Rules in a few weeks. The second half of the show examines NXT's directions as this week's television tapings were going on simultaneously as we were recording. Additionally, we make some predictions for the WWE Extreme Rules card (who will be in the fatal five-way, where Braun Strowman fits in, the women's division, who is going to team with Daniel Bryan, and much more).

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