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Ep. 67: Matt Riddle to WWE, Women’s Evolution PPV

July 24th, 2018

Arguably the biggest wrestling star on the independents, Matt Riddle, appears headed to the WWE. We discuss what this means for both Riddle and WWE, as well as explain why Riddle could possibly be the future of the WWE. 

Plus, WWE announced an all women's PPV event, titled Evolution, for this October. We break down that news, discuss the women's title pictures on SmackDown and RAW, and where we think the company will be come October.

All of this plus thoughts on this week's RAW, SmackDown, and the overall direction of SummerSlam.

We also discussed the relaunch of our Patreon page this week and all of the great benefits and exclusive content that comes from joining up. Check out all the information at

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