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Ep. 10: Goldberg/WWE, TNA, No Mercy Preview, NJPW KOPW

October 5th, 2016

On this week's episode, Ryan and Kyle of discuss all of the latest in pro wrestling, and we've got some big topics to cover this week. 

Specific items discussed on the show:

  • The latest on Goldberg and a possible return to WWE
  • Goldberg's original run (did we like it?) and how to use him now
  • Why using Goldberg at Survivor Series in Canada would be a massive mistake
  • TNA: What's the latest? Is the company/tape library being sold? What SHOULD happen?
  • Where the WWE Cruiserweight Division is going wrong
  • The latest on Erick Rowan's injury and Luke Harper possibly replacing him
  • More on Eva Marie's return. Top Rope Press broke the story on when you can expect her back, but now we're being even more specific on her return and what we've heard from sources
  • Full preview of NJPW King of Pro Wrestling, which airs late Sunday/early Monday U.S. time
  • Full preview of WWE No Mercy this Sunday. Our picks on who should go over and who will go over.
  • All of this and so much more. 
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