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Ep. 5: Booking WWE Titles, The PWI 500

September 3rd, 2016

On this week's episode, Ryan and Kyle of discuss all of the latest in pro wrestling, and we've got some big topics to cover this week. 

Specific items discussed on the show:

  • Did Triple H take away from Kevin Owens' moment on RAW? 
  • Who does Kevin Owens work with throughout the next couple of months as WWE Universal Champion? We look at the possibilities. 
  • Where do the RAW storylines go from here? We examine the title picture and possible heel/face character switches and storylines that are coming soon. 
  • Has Dean Ambrose lost his momentum? Should a heel or face AJ Styles headline SmackDown moving forward?
  • Where do the WWE Title and WWE Tag Team Titles go from here? 
  • A debate on the PWI 500 and discussion on whether enough NJPW talent were included. 
  • Plus, Ryan gets into a rant on ethics in journalism. 
  • All of this and much more. 
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