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Top Rope Nation Classics (Freebie): SummerSlam 1991

July 31st, 2018

We've started a Patreon page for Top Rope Nation where we will be providing exclusive content to Patrons including two new shows, Top Rope Nation Classics and Top Rope Nation Free For All. Top Rope Nation Classics will feature us reviewing and exploring old wrestling events, years, storylines, and much more. The show will only be available on our Patreon page and will not be posted to our standard podcast feed or any podcasting apps.

That being said, to give everyone a taste of what these shows will be like, the first edition of Top Rope Nation Classics is presented here, free of charge, to everyone in its entirety. Ryan, Justin, and Kyle go back in time to review SummerSlam 1991.

If you like the style of this show and want to hear all future editions of Top Rope Nation Classics, support us and join our Patreon page at so you have access to the show moving forward. You'll also be available to have input on which shows and years we review. 

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